Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Which stores carry Silani products?

Our products can be purchased from a wide range of stores
including: Walmart, FoodBasics, Freshco, Costco, Foodland, and Sobey’s to name
a few. We also have our own Factory Outlet store located in Schomberg.

Q- Where is the milk sourced from?

We are proud to say we use cow’s milk from Canada’s own dairy

Q- Is Silani cheese pasteurized?

Yes, all of our cheese comes from pasteurized milk.

Q- Is Silani cheese Gluten free?

Yes! We do not use any ingredients that contain Gluten.

Q- Is Silani Kosher or Halal certified?

No, but the process and ingredients do remain the same. No pork is
used in making our cheese.

Q- Does Silani cheese have animal sourced Ingredients?

Other than milk, Lipase is the only other ingredient that is
extracted from an animal source (Goat / Calf / Lamb Lipase). Lipase is used in
making Silani Baby Parmesan / Asiago, Provolone and Feta. All other ingredients
are vegetable or mineral sourced.

Q- Does Silani give tours of their facility?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the facility, it would be unsafe
to provide tours to untrained individuals.

Q-Does the outlet store only sell Silani Products?

The factory outlet store sells a variety of imported cheeses, deli
meats and other grocery items in addition to all of your Silani Cheese